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The Tuscan hill town of Siena in Italy is known both for its pride and for its independent attitude. For five centuries, that spirit has shown itself in a crazy horse race — the Palio. Twice every summer, on 2 July and 16 August the entire community of Siena hurls itself into the traditional revelry of the event.

About us

 The Palio with Sporting Agenda 

A variety of incredible Tuscan properties, depending on your group size

Balcony access above the start and finish line to view the historic race

Viewing of the final workouts and trials from a historic palace in Siena

Viewing of the Corteo Storico, a stunning historical costume parade that precedes the race and commemorates the ancient institutions, customs and greatness of the Republic of Siena

Traditional Tuscan experiences around food, wine, history and architecture

Fully hosted and concierged throughout with our team on the ground


"The Palio has to be seen to be believed. The energy in the City in the build up is extraordinary. And then the race is all over in a minute and a half. Pure excitement and adrenaline."

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