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Chris Jones

Account Manager


I was born in Hampshire and have now settled in Newbury with my lovely partner and our young daughter. My childhood in Totton, up to my early 20’s, was spent playing football or rugby of some level. Following an early career in hospitality, cooking in the kitchen as well as managing front of house, I am now Client Manager at Sporting Agenda. I am delighted to be able to apply my encyclopedic knowledge of all things sport to good effect, with a specific focus on football, F1 and boxing.

Favourite Sporting Experience:

My childhood of sport. The memories of those freezing cold winter Saturday and Sunday mornings playing the sports I love and my Mum never missing a game will never be forgotten.

Sporting Memory:

I have two sporting memories, the first was visiting the new Wembley stadium for the first time to see my home town club AFC Totton play in the FA Vase Trophy which unfortunately we lost but seeing near enough the whole town at Wembley was unbelievable. To this day Totton holds the attendance record for that final.

My second has to be 2005 Champions League Final - being a Liverpool fan from a young age, that night was unforgettable. I am not afraid to admit I wept like a baby.

Sporting Heroes:

Steven Gerrard

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