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Carolyn Wray

PA/Office Manager


I was born a Geordie, but moved to Surrey at the age of 10. After a short time working in the City, I worked as Marketing Information Manager for a national off-licence chain, taking a career break to raise my children, now all grown up. During this time, I set up a property business; buying, selling and lettings. After spending a few years in the Middle East, I returned to the UK in 2017, settling within the rolling hills of West Berkshire. At Sporting Agenda, I assist Ed and the team in making sure the business runs smoothly, and ensuring clients receive the exceptional level of service Sporting Agenda/WDT is known for.

Favourite Sporting Experience:

Watching Lewis Hamilton win the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2016

Sporting Memory:

Watching England winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003 in the local pub.

Sporting Heroes:

Bjorn Borg

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