Ben Nelson

Business Development


I grew up in 'The Valley of The Racehorse' in West Berkshire and, being the son of a successful racehorse trainer, have always felt very connected to the thrill of sport. There's little a look forward to more than a game of tennis, golf or football.

My working background, since 2011, has been in luxury travel, and in 2020, Sporting Agenda and I launched a travel company called Nelson Travel, which specialises in safari, sail and ski holidays. The team now operates from one office and we hope our clients will utilise both Sporting Agenda and Nelson Travel for their sporting events and holidays.

Favourite Sporting Experience:

Not your normal sport, but doing the Pamplona Bull Run was something I will never forget.

Sporting Memory:

The 2005 Ashes series. Never have I been more captivated by a sporting series. The fact it went on for the entire summer with that group of players, gives me goose pimples just thinking about it.

Sporting Heroes:

Federer & Ronaldinho