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New Sponsored Athlete joins the team

Sporting Agenda is dedicated to support local talent, and we are proud to now include Ellie Gudgeon in our sponsored athlete group.

Here is what Ellie writes about herself:

"I am a 23 year old karate athlete from Newbury. I started karate when I was 9 years old and have worked my way up from beginner to international competitor. I have competed at many big events including the Commonwealth Games in 2022 where I received a bronze medal. I also have multiple international and national medals and I am currently ranked 57th in the world.

My hopes for 2024 are to compete at the European Championships in May and to move my ranking up into the top 32 in the world. My upcoming competitions are in Greece, France, Cyprus, Turkey and Egypt so the support from Sporting Agenda has been a massive help to make this possible!"

Best of luck for 2024 Ellie and we look forward to following your journey!


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