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COVID Insurance for the Hospitality Industry

A new ticket and hospitality refund program now includes COVID protection for clients

"We are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer refund insurance which will cover clients who are unable to attend an event due to a number of COVID related situations for all our packages including tickets and hospitality.

COVID has affected the hospitality, leisure and travel industries in so many ways over the last 10 months. If we are to move forward one of the elements that needs to be addressed is the security of our future bookings. We do not want to be booking a summer holiday or day out at Wimbledon without the certainty that, if our plans are stymied one way or another by COVID, our deposits remain safe and we do not lose out.

This is a problem for both the supplier and the client - if a client is forced to isolate a few days before they are due to go on holiday, it could be a big issue for both parties. This is why it is so important to be able to offer a level of insurance that protects clients against this potential problem. As I mentioned earlier, we need to inject levels of security and certainty into the industry in order to oil the wheels of recovery, a recovery we are all itching to happen as soon as possible”.

In short, the insurance does not cover clients if the event is cancelled due to Covid, but it does protect them if the event goes ahead but they are unable to attend due to certain Covid related restrictions.

What is covered?

  • Confirmed infection resulting in the Ticket Holder(s) inability to attend the Event

  • Death of the Ticket Holder(s) or a Dependent from the virus

  • The Ticket Holder(s) have been ordered to self-isolate by a government department or a health service provider (evidence must be provided)

  • The inability of the Ticket Holder(s) to attend an Event due to a government-mandated travel ban in your home region/country being implemented after you purchased the ticket(s) preventing the Ticket Holder(s) attending the Venue.

This covers events worldwide

What is not covered?

  • The fear of attending an Event due to any perceived fear of contracting the virus

  • Self-isolation which has not been ordered by a government department or a health service provider

  • Refunds for an Event cancelled by the Venue

  • Tickets purchased before the 1st January 2021

We hope that this news is welcome and greatly increases confidence in booking with us moving forward.

For any enquiries please contact us on


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