Client Entertainment

Every event should create a positive impression, and to do this you need unique and memorable experiences that will stay with your client long after the event. From creating shoes with a specialist designer, or sailing Croatia’s rich and scenic Dalmation Coast to the pressure of cooking with world-renowned chef Michel Roux Jnr. your guests should leave feeling as though you truly value your relationship.

At Sporting Agenda we understand this need and pride ourselves on many years of experience coming up with fresh and inventive ways to entertain that will ensure you and your guests enjoy a rewarding experience. Whatever your timescale or budget we can deliver an activity that fits your brief; from the high octane action of driving the Monaco Grand Prix circuit to more tranquil and sedate lessons in interior design.

We excel in delivering bespoke events on any scale, whether it be an afternoon experience or a two-night stay with all your travel needs arranged, our first-class service and appreciation for detail will ensure the event creates the positive impression you require.

Some suggestions:                         

  • Interior Design evening with Nina Campbell                                       
  • Bespoke shoe designing with a leading designer
  • Driving high-performance cars in Monaco
  • Horseracing on Ice and the Cresta Run in St Moritz
  • Learn how to play polo
  • Chartering a yacht for the Electric Elephant music festival in Croatia