Equine sponsorship

Dressage is a highly skilled form of riding performed in exhibition and competition. With Sporting Agenda's long standing relationship with the equine world, we are delighted to sponsor the talent shown by Bork Eppers Dressage, supporting Anne Marie in the development of her competitive dressage career.

Bork Eppers Dressage

Anne Marie is from Denmark where she studied and obtained a master of law degree. After finishing her studies she spent a year in Italy training horses and has since 2013 resided in England. Anne Marie joined the Sporting Agenda team in 2016 and continues to combine her dedication for dressage with her daily job as event and hospitality manager with focus on Wimbledon.

Anne Marie’s horse Zeilinger Firfod was bought in Denmark as a green 6-year old in 2015. Since then the duo has continued to build their relationship and have gone from strength to strength. They have competed internationally for Denmark in 2019 and is currently training at Grand Prix level. Anne Marie and Mumble have competed with excellent results in regional and national championships for the last three years including many victories and top 3 placings.

Anne Marie explains that “the sponsorship and support from Sporting Agenda is vital in helping me achieve my next big goal which is the Grand Prix. It is hard work combining a 9-5 job with an equestrian career unless your work place is flexible and understanding when the horses take a lot of your time, which is one of the reasons why working for Sporting Agenda is ideal for me. The whole team is very supportive and understanding which makes a massive difference!”

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